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Best Hairdresser in Morris County, New Jersey: Madeline at The Edge in Landing, New Jersey

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UPDATE September 2010: It’s a new school year, and Madeline my fabulous hairdresser has a new location… you can make an appointment with her at The Arrangement Salon and Spa in Ledgewood, NJ. Phone (973) 584-5101.

Have I mentioned how spoiled and pampered a Roxiticus Desperate Housewife I am? Ever since we moved out here to the Roxiticus Valley from New York City in October 2003, my hairdresser, Madeline (who has been doing my haircuts and highlights for almost 25 years), has been making house calls. Every six weeks, she comes out and keeps these goldilocks looking their best, cuts Rex’s hair, and gives London and Maddie a trim, too. We’ll drink a little wine, enjoy some girl talk, and my hair looks terrific at the end of the night. Yay me!

While you can’t get this amazing service in your own home, if you live in Morris County, you can call The Edge (149 Lakeside Boulevard in Landing, New Jersey), at (973) 398-3988 and set yourself up with an appointment with Madeline…ask for Roxy’s special cut and two-color blondest blonde and strawberry blonde highlights treatment….there, my secret’s out!

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