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Quick Holiday Shout Out to CRP Music Store in Rockaway, New Jersey: Thanks for Fixing London’s Guitar

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My loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives and Roxy’s Best Of… readers know that my two girls, London and Maddie, have started a basement band (the garage is too cold this time of year) called the Butter Bites. The girl band has asked Santa to bring them a set of drums for Christmas to add to their collection of musical equipment: a really nice keyboard that Santa delivered last year, a karaoke machine and a portable amplifier, and a broken kids’ guitar. Well, if CRP Music in Rockaway, NJ, has anything to do with it, the guitar won’t be broken for long.

Yesterday, I dispatched our fabulous nanny to Rockaway with the mission of buying a cheap pair of beginner drumsticks (counting on Santa to deliver the drums) and having London’s guitar restrung in time for our Saturday Christmas celebration. Unfortunately, as I brought the guitar out to the car, I noticed that it was not only missing a couple strings, but had a bit of a broken neck. It’s a cheap ($80) kids’ guitar, and I only wanted it fixed if we could do it for under $35. Our nanny was on her way to another music store which will not be named because my mother taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, well, don’t say anything at all.  She got a bit lost and stopped at CRP Music to ask directions to the other store. Turns out she should have just settled in at CRP Music, since the other store wouldn’t touch the guitar and wanted double the price for drumsticks. Thankfully, our nanny has good sense and returned to CRP Music, where she brought home drumsticks for $4.27 and left the guitar for restringing and repair. Our story should have a happy ending… I spoke with the guy at CRP Music today and he’ll be able to glue the guitar’s neck back together and we’ll hope to have it ready for Grammy to pick up on Saturday on her way here…just in time for the Butter Bites’ performance at our Christmas celebration with Rex’s entire family.  If you come by on Saturday and the house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin’, come on in and jam with the Butter Bites!

CRP Music & Recording Arts Instruction, 350 Route 46, Rockaway, NJ 07866. Phone: (973) 246-1298. Don’t forget to tell ‘em Roxy sent you!

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