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Our Cockapoo Puppy Peanut Butter’s Progress with the Family Dog of Morris County, NJ

By: Roxy on 06/13/10 @ 8:32 am

Hard to believe it’s been three weeks since we drove up to Mulberry Farm in Duchess County, New York to bring home our beloved cockapoo puppy, Peanut Butter. You can see from the photos that little Peanut Butter has settled right in with our family. As I write this post, Rex is out in the [...]

Mansions in May Comes to Harding Township, NJ, in 2010

By: Roxy on 01/30/10 @ 3:45 pm

Maddie, our family weather girl, tells me that it is 14 degrees outside and feels like zero, so it is hard to believe spring will ever arrive… but I just read in our local paper that Mansions in May is coming to Harding Township, New Jersey, this year.  I’ll post more details and maybe a [...]

This Wagon’s Gonna Roll… The Padded Wagon Moving Company Delivers for Roxy Again

By: Roxy on 01/30/09 @ 11:32 am

Back in October 2003, when our family moved out of Manhattan to the Roxiticus Valley in Mendham, New Jersey, our realtor, Ann Tannen, recommended The Padded Wagon moving company to get the job done. We were consolidating two homes into one: our West Village loft and my four-bedroom bachelorette colonial in Somerset, New Jersey. 
There’s a [...]

From Roxy’s Mailbag: Care Focus Home Care Agency in Parsippany, New Jersey

By: Roxy on 01/2/09 @ 8:30 pm

Dear Roxy,
I came across your web site and I hope you might be able to help. Roxy’s Best Of… Morris County, New Jersey has an icon for “Home Services” in your header and yet there are no services listed. I have just opened a new home care agency in Parsippany, NJ called Care [...]

Christmas Crisis in Roxy’s Kitchen Sink: Reissmann Plumbing to the Rescue

By: Roxy on 12/26/08 @ 3:53 pm

What is it about the holidays that always seems to bring plumbing problems to our home? Over the past five years since we’ve lived here in Mendham Township, New Jersey, we’ve had the following holiday plumbing incidents:

Thanksgiving 2003: Backed up toilet in the half bath off the kitchen
Thanksgiving 2004: Broken washing machine
Christmas [...]